Toffee’s Deterioration.

Toffee enjoying some playtime with Poppy.

In May 2019 Toffee was diagnosed as having cataracts in both his eyes. At this point he was in the early stages & his vision would be like looking through frosted glass. Two & a half years later he amazingly does still have some sight but these last few months it has really deteriorated. Whenever he is taken out of his familiar surroundings he always tends to walk now rather than hop.  This is because he is trying to suss out the different area, by taking it steady he is able to work out his new surroundings & memorise them.  Once he is comfortable he goes straight back to hopping about.

Toffee’s left eye is the cloudier of the two.
Toffee’s right eye.
How a normal eye should look.

I admit, it is sad to see Toffee have this problem, but having had cataracts in rabbits before he has done really well to last two & a half years & still have some sight. The most important thing for Toffee is to leave everything in the same place in his pen & not give him anything he may struggle with.  It isn’t often he is put into unfamiliar surroundings & the best thing of all his favourite nurse is on hand to reassure him & make things ok.

Poppy, Toffee’s nurse & loving wife.


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