Autumn Playtime.

Peanut checks out what Thumper is up to.

Seen as some of the days in November have been unusually warm, the bunnies took advantage.  They managed a few days out in the warm sun & enjoyed some good fresh air.

And what was Thumper upto? Digging of course!
Peanut actually overcoming his shyness to see if I had anything for him.
Tilly beats him to see if I had anything nice.
Realising there is nothing, they go find something else to do, although Tilly keeps a watchful eye.
Toffee absorbs the warm sun while Poppy has a good groom.
Both find sleepiness heads their way.
Annie & Thumper contemplate.
Grass time for Thumper while Annie looks on.
Thumper still munching away while Annie comes to see if I have anything nicer.
Tilly also munches away.
Peanut wondering why I point that black thing at them. He’s getting so brave!

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