When Destruction is Bad!

Thumper so innocent.

Over winter I expect a fair bit of destruction in the shed when the bunnies get to play out in it all day.  Most of the destruction I don’t mind, it’s a good boredom breaker for them, but there are some bunnies who take it too far.

Thumper having had a go at the cardboard box.

The above cardboard box destruction is fine & if Thumper had just stuck to that instead of doing this….

Thumper’s teeth work on the carpet.

I admit it is an old carpet & isn’t the end of the world, but carpet is not good if it is ingested.  Carpet fibres don’t travel through a bunnies gut system well & can become stuck resulting in an operation.  Now fortunately, Thumper appears to have left all the fibres but he is still putting himself at risk. Since Thumper started on the carpet a few bunnies have followed suit.  So now I have made the carpet inaccessible to the bunnies.

Tilly another naughty bunny.

To be fair most of the bunnies are guilty of the wrong kind of destruction. They just do different things & pick up ideas from each other.  A few favourite things are their bed box where all their basket blankets are kept & basically any strong bag, especially if it has something tasty in it.

Piece of the bed box.
A section missing between the top of the legs where the above piece came from.
Rumble & Tilly’s hay bag is irresistible.
Even the sawdust bag is fair game.

As annoying as it is, it is very hard to be mad at any of them as after all they’re having a very good time!

The latest destruction or ‘murder’ as I should say was poor Peter Rabbit.

A broken Peter.
Peter laid to rest.

The perpetrators….


Roll on spring when the bunnies can get out more & burn their energy off!

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