Oh No The Moult!


Annie moulting.

It’s that time of year again when the bunnies shed their winter coats.  Annie is one of the first ones to start. If you’d like more information on moulting click here.

TIP – Regular grooming is the only way to help your bunny when moulting. It will help keep health problems at bay such as matting & ingesting a lot of fur, this will also reduce risks if they become ill whilst moulting.

Annie still has a way to go yet.
Annie fed up of being combed & wants to go home.
Lots of fur from Annie but a lot more to come.
Daisy has also started her moult.
Daisy just doesn’t stay still when being combed.
Considering Daisy looked like she had lots of fur to give up, surprisingly little came out.
Teddy has just started his moult.
A reasonable amount has been combed out.

Just remember – Keep Combing!



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