Annie & Thumper’s Play Day.


It was Annie & Thumper’s turn to have a day playing around the shed whilst I cleaned everyone’s pen & their shed. As you can see Annie & Thumper both knew when I was sieving their food.

Annie & Thumper not really being helpful as I try to sieve their food.
Annie checks out how much I have sieved.
Enough sieved -time to tuck in!
Annie contemplates what to do next.
Annie hits the leaf tray.

As the hedge branches age whilst awaiting to be gnawed, their leaves have fallen. Knowing the bunnies love these leaves I put them in a cat litter tray & it has become a favourite place to visit.

She finished in the tray & looks for Thumper.
Thumper appears & hits the leaf tray whilst checking what Annie is up to.
Annie heads for a drink & some grub.

Thumper was up to his usual carpet fetish, see previous post,  & had been told off so he’d disappeared into one of the cardboard boxes.

It was tiring work all the investigations. Time for a relax, well Annie just keeps one ear open!


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